Laptop/ Notebook Core i Series
Laptop/ Notebook Core i Series



                      Core i3


                         Core i5


                        Core i7


                  Dell Latitude E5410

  14.1" LCD / 4GB RAM / 160GB Hard Drive

                       Out Of Stock !


               Dell Latitude E6410

     14" LCD / 4 GB RAM / 250 GB Hard Drive



           Lenovo ThinkPad X230

   12.5" LCD/ 4GB RAM/ 320 GB Hard Drive

                      RM 1399.00




               Dell Vostro 14 3458

     14" LCD/ 4GB RAM/ 500GB Hard Drive






               Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S762

   13" LCD / 4GB RAM / 640GB Hard Drive

          RM990.00   RM690.00




                HP EliteBook 8460p

   14" LCD / 4GB RAM / 320GB Hard Drive

                      RM 880.00





Core i3 vs Core i5 vs Core i7


Intel’s Core i chips are a super-strong brand found on the majority of laptops


Most laptops today are powered by Intel CPUs, which are branded as Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7. As the numbering suggests, Core i3 is the slowest, i5 is in the middle and i7 is fastest. Usually, the i5 model is more than adequate for a regular, everyday user who is not doing intensive graphics work, engineering / science or gaming.