Secure IT Asset Management

Data Security and The Environment


Responsibly in recycling old and obsolete IT equipment is a concern for businesses of all sizes. Incorrect disposal of electronics may harm the environment, while improper handling methods could put private data and company reputation at risk.


ExportXcel Sdn Bhd provides a secure and responsible way to retire IT assets. Our customers can work with us to develop a solution that meets their security and sustainability needs. Doing what is right when retiring assets have never been so easy.


Services include:

  • Complete destruction and recycling at state-of-the-art recycling facilities

  • Onsite data destruction (degaussing or shredding)

  • Asset tracking, auditing, and certificates of destruction

  • Complete transportation and logistics coordination


Secure Data Destruction


Hard Drive Degaussers

Is it necessary to degauss hard drives that don’t work?

Even broken and non-operational hard drives continue to retain information on the disc platter. The degaussing process magnetically erases this information, thus preparing the drive for permanent and secure disposal.


How reliable is hard drive degaussing?

In addition to erasing all data, degaussing destroys all hard drive formatting and control track information.


Hardware Secure Erasure


For existing Hardware Secure Erasure our ExportXcel has been using for erasing or wiping data from a hard drive, there is available Completion Report with hard disk details print-out.  This hard drive wiping method is capable of preventing nearly all software-based recovery tool from listing data and information. This is one of the most common data destruction ways to dispose of erasing a hard drive before people give away or dump it.