IPAD Rental
IPAD Rental


ExportXcel provide IPAD rental solution in:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly


Our IPAD rental packages come with optional 3G support.

We carry the brand of Apple in our IPAD rental inventory at an affordable rental rates.


IPAD rentals are the perfect mobile technology to deploy in large quantities, which can be perfectly fit for conferences, marketing event, data collection projects and many more.


We have supplied many of the nations’ leading companies with IPAD rental.  From year to year, we provided our customers turnkey solutions and support for any IPAD or computer rentals. Our dedication to our customers has earned us a good reputation. Each time our IPAD and computer rentals are returned, they are meticulously inspected to ensure that they will meet the demands of our next customer. Our quality control process is administered precisely in the rental industry.


For those who are intested in renting our IPAD, please Call Us at 03-7782 4448 or Email Us !



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